About Me

I make software, mainly in AutoHotkey, and also C#. I have 3 systems on my computer, 2 Linux distros (Ubuntu/Fedora) and Windows 10 Pro.

See the "Software" page for more details on what I make.

PC Specs

"GPU": Intel HD Graphics 5500 (garbage)
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.30GHz
OS: I already told you?

Microsoft Office

The first version of Office I used was, 2003, I believe. The first program in Office I used, Word? For basic word processing, it was my daily driver, for several years, I was using Notepad as my daily driver for word processing. Which was, well, of course, terrible.

When Office 2007 came out, it became pretty unprofessional, While I still used it, it had this entire ribbon thing, which would be seen in Office 2010 and all later versions, including Windows. Office 2003 had no ribbon interface, it was just clean icons, menu and dropdown menus, That's what I like from Office programs.

In Office 2010, The entire blue color scheme that was used in 2003 and 2007 was completely gone, making it a solid grey color. which imo looks more professional. Infact, I do still use Office 2010 (Professional Plus) today.

But in Office 2013, I pretty much ditched MS Office entirely, In 2012, Microsoft released Windows 8, everything was flat in that version of Windows, and every Microsoft product from now on will have a flat look as well, After installing, I instantly uninstalled because of first, lots of bloat, and of course that flat style, and then installed the 2010 version of Office, which is, like I mentioned earlier, what I use today.