About Me

I make software, mainly in AutoHotkey, and also C#. I have 3 systems on my computer, 2 Linux distros (Ubuntu/Fedora) and Windows 10 Pro.

See the "Software" page for more details on what I make.

PC Specs

"GPU": Intel HD Graphics 5500 (garbage)
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.30GHz
OS: I already told you?


If you don't know what LimeWire is, it was basically the most popular file sharing program. It started all the way back in 2000, and finally killed off by the RIAA in 2010.

What would you get with LimeWire? Well, a Java-based program that connects to the Gnutella network, which is a popular peer-to-peer network. and a lot of free stuff :)

While other file sharing programs like Kazaa, BearShare and Morpheus did exist, they weren't as popular as LimeWire.

One time, LimeWire had the same amount of users as iTunes, which was released in 2003.

One of the problems LimeWire users faced were a lot of viruses, Just by using the program, Your computer could've ran as slow as dogshit, because you thought you were getting the full GTA San Andreas game, you just got adware, Another problem was the amount of NSFW content that circulated around the program, And with that, comes with a load of CP, LimeWire had over 1,286 results if you wanted something related to CP. Even using safer terms, like cartoon characters or TV shows, researches say that 7% turned out to be CE, and 1% turned out to be CP. Which means some people were unwillingly downloading CP from LimeWire.

In 2010, LimeWire was sued. They had to pay $105 million dollars, before, the RIAA wanted $72 trillion dollars, what the fuck????

And just like that, LimeWire was shut down, and never to be heard of again.